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Life after removing my breast implants!!

My explant and total capsulectomy was 1 year, 6 months and 17 days ago (but who's counting right?)!! Here is my symptom list below. ✅ indicates implant-related symptoms/illnesses that have healed/reversed since explant and ❌ is for things I'm still dealing with. I hope this encourages anyone that is considering explant or that is early in their post-explant journey: ✅Brain fog


✅Numb arms and hands

✅Ringing in ears, especially at night

✅RA pain (positive markers for inflammatory antibodies on my ANA panel prior to explant. Post-explant, my markers are normal)

✅Lupus (positive markers for Lupus on my ANA panel prior to explant. Post-explant, my markers are normal)

✅Hashimoto’s (abnormal thyroid markers on my ANA panel prior to explant ❌though my markers are now normal, I do have under-active thyroid which is genetic for me. I do not medicate for this)

✅Discolored, dull and yellowing of my skin and eyes (difficulty tanning normal, had blotches)

✅Sensitivity to cold and heat

✅Memory issues



✅Mood swings, short temper

✅Chronic fatigue


✅Hair loss

✅Hormones levels, estrogen especially, being too high (higher risk of breast cancer with this) - ❌ My hormone levels are actually low post-explant (as of 10 months post op). I plan to have my hormones retested at my 2 years post-op mark

✅Weight gain/difficultly losing weight (down 17-19 lbs since explant) ❌ With under-active thyroid, losing weight can still be challenging but this is not implant related (more likely cupcake and pasta related😛)

✅Gallbladder attacks

✅Pains in my breasts (especially the left one)

✅Throat clearing and scratching

✅Burning and aching feet

✅Fingernails being weak, brittle and having ridges and lines

✅Chest pains

✅Night sweats

✅Sinus infections


✅Alcohol intolerance

❌ Neck pain (right lower side) and upper right shoulder pain. My chiro thinks this is a combination of an old injury mixed with permanent damage caused by the implants (nerve damage, etc...). It's tolerable but annoying. Seems to be worse before my monthly but it's so much better than it was before explant. 💜Removing your breast implants (and their capsules) is not an instant fix, and it may not cure everything, but it is the start of allowing your body to heal from implant-related illnesses and side effects and it is a the best thing you can do for your health and your life.🥰

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