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Healing from Breast Implant Illness

I look back at pictures before implants and see how inflamed I was. I can even remember how puffy I felt taking pictures. My eyes usually just disappeared. I truly had no idea had swollen and inflamed I was with implants until I take pictures now and compare them. I had no idea how glossy and yellow my eyes were (see first comment for photo). I had no idea how dull my skin was. Filters were my best friend with implants. There were few photos I’d post that didn’t have a “pretty filter” that made me look brighter and smoothed my skin. This after photo is just me (in natural lighting)... flawed skin and all. The difference is sometimes hard even for me to believe.

I just celebrated my 9 months post-op milestone last week. The majority of my symptoms have subsided completely or have greatly improved. There are even symptoms gone that I didn’t correlate to my implants.

I’ve gone through 2 big waves of detox. The first at 2 months post op and the second I’m going through currently. I’d take these waves of detox any day over what I dealt with before my explant.

The only things that linger for me is a dull ache in the back of my head/neck (though that may not be implant related or could be permanent damage from the weight of them) and I haven’t woke up looking like a skinny model just yet (though cooking like Paula Deen could contribute to that...LOL!).

Biggest symptoms for me that have subsided or greatly improved:

- Migraines...with the exception of a dull back of head/neck ache I haven’t had any headaches. I had come to rely on taking Aleve and Motrin every single day with implants. I can count less than 10 times I’ve taken something since explant. - IBS...I suffered from IBS every day for years. Every. Day. Now, no more running to the bathroom all the time. This subsided for me around 4 months post op and hasn’t been back. - Numb arms and hands...My arms tingled and went numb every day. Especially at night. I had to sleep on my sides with implants and I’d have to turn over every 30 minutes because of the tingling and numbness in my arms. - Ear ringing...oh the sound of ringing in my ears. Especially at night. High pitches and squealing. I do not miss this. It’s happened twice since explant and both times it lasted only a short time. - RA pain...I had a great deal of pain in my hips, knees and hands. My hands would hurt so bad I’d have to sleep with them in a blanket to help the pain. I haven’t had to do this once since explant. My knees no longer pop and hurt every single day (only when I do cartwheels and stuff a 39 year old shouldn’t do 😉). My hips haven’t hurt one time since surgery. - Sensitivity to cold and heat...gone. - Brain fog...gone. - Memory issues...98% better! - Anxiety...90% better! - Libido...90% better! - Mood swings and bitchiness...well hubs says that is WAY better!😂 - Energy level...85-90% better depending on the day. - Chronic fatigue...95% better. No more napping when I get home from work. No more feeling of exhaustion every single day. - Dizziness...I haven’t been dizzy or lightheaded even once since surgery. - Discolored skin and eyes...well you can see that difference. - Hair loss...My hair has grown more in the last 7 months than it did in the 2 years before explant. It no longer falls out in chunks. I haven’t had any new bald spots since explant. It’s not covering my floor. It’s longer and healthier and I love it. I actually have in clip-in extensions in the before photo on this post. - Lupus markers...I haven’t been back for blood tests since explant but hoping those are normal when I do go back. - Thyroid/Hashimoto’s...I haven’t been back for blood tests since explant. Need to. - Hormones...I haven’t been back for blood tests since explant to check but I've had some very apparent hormonal balancing and detoxing going on. Hoping my estrogen levels are back to normal when I'm retested. - Pains in my breasts...especially the left one, gone. - Throat clearing...and scratching my throat sounding like an alligator mating call rarely happens anymore. - Burning feet...has improved but still lingers when I exercise. This could be something else going on. - Fingernails...growing and not splitting at all. They are so thick and healthy! - Chest made me think I was having a heart attack, gone. - Night sweats...haven’t happened once since explant. - Nightmares...none that I can recall since explant. - Alcohol intolerance...gone!🍹

The heal is so real. There is no doubt in my mind that my 375cc Mentor Smooth Memory Silicone Gel (Gummy Bear) implants were the root cause of 95% of the ailments and sicknesses I was dealing with before. I see more and more improvements with each passing month.

If you’re scared, or even hesitant, I understand. I was too. But I finally reached a point where I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I was willing to try anything to feel better. By the day of explant, I felt like I was dying. I had been off anti inflammatory meds for 2 weeks and I hurt from head to toe. I woke up from surgery and my hubby took me straight to Starbucks. I knew I was back! Lol. Those fluids are liquid gold so of course I felt great right after; but, as the days went, on and the healing continued, I’ve made great strides in healing and getting my old self back. Each month brings new healing milestones. I look forward to a follow up thermogram to truly see how much better my inflammation levels are. I look forward to my follow up blood tests to see if my RA, Lupus markers, Hashimoto’s, etc. have improved or reversed. I look forward to living, God willing, a long and healthy life implant free and never having to worry about them again.💜

Don’t wait. Get them out!

I encourage anyone with implants, or considering them, to check out online or the group on Facebook:

3 months pre-op vs 7 months post-op

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