More About Jes

I'm Jesica, with 1"s", otherwise known as Jes. I'm a wife, mom and a child of God.

Life has been wild, messy, forgiving, joyful, and blessed for me. As I've gotten older, being transparent and honest has become an important passion of mine. I feel that life's lessons for one have the potential to help transform that of another.

I've wanted to start a personal blog for a while and finally went for it. This is a way for me to share a part of every day life lessons, those of being a mom, wife, friend, etc..., and also  a way for me to share things from my past that I feel are time to talk about. - Though my life is "normal" compared to how I grew up, I'm still haunted by things from my past that I've hidden away for so long. I hope, here with you all, I can begin to share those things and find some peace throughout this sharing journey.

Thanks for stopping by and starting this journey with me! Be blessed!


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