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One Year Explantiversary!!

ONE YEAR Y’ALL….tomorrow is my one-year explantiversary!!

I’m truly grateful to have found the reason for why I felt so bad for so long. The side effects, illnesses, risks, etc... of breast implants are so scary. I’m truly disappointed in myself for not having done the research beforehand and knowing what I was doing to my body, voluntarily at that.

I started having side effects just a few months after getting implants. Though, at the time, I had no idea the cause. As the years went on, I felt worse and worse with no explanation as to why. Finally, my doctor said “I know this sounds crazy, but I truly believe your implants are the cause…” He encouraged me to do my research, to read the fine print, etc… Finally, I had answers. It was all right there, everything I was experiencing was right there as a possible complication, side effect, etc… to having implants. Here’s what I dealt with:

• Brain fog • IBS • Numb arms and hands • Ringing in ears, especially at night • RA pain (positive markers for inflammatory antibodies on my ANA panel • Lupus (positive markers for Lupus on my ANA panel) • Hashimoto’s (abnormal thyroid markers on my ANA panel) • Discolored, dull and yellowing of my skin and eyes • Sensitivity to cold and heat • Memory issues • Anxiety • Migraines • Mood swings, short temper • Chronic fatigue • Dizziness • Hair loss • Hormones levels, estrogen especially, being too high (higher risk of breast cancer with this) • Weight gain/difficultly losing weight • Pains in my breasts (especially the left one) • Throat clearing and scratching • Burning and aching feet • Fingernails being weak, brittle and having ridges and lines • Chest pains • Night sweats • Sinus infections • Nightmares • Alcohol intolerance • ETC….

I’ve been tracking my healing progress over this last year. I had some immediate improvements and some things have taken longer. Everything I listed is 90-100% reversed or healed. For example, my ANA panels are now normal (I test at 10 months post-op). I no longer have positive markers for RA or Lupus. Many on the list above are no longer something I have or deal with. – Honestly, the only things I’m dealing with now are that my hormones went from being high to low and my TSH (thyroid level) is a little high and I may have some hypothyroidism issues to deal with (which is genetic in my family so likely unrelated to implants).

I’m down 18 pounds since my surgery (it was 20 but me and Thanksgiving kinda took advantage of each other so I’m paying for that…lol). I find it’s easier to lose weight simply by making better choices and not having to try some fad diet.

There is absolutely no denying that my implants were making me sick. My body simply could not fight them off and protect me from everything else it had been over the years. Those that know me can attest to how much better I look, act and seem. I’m back to being me, I’m back to having energy, I’m up with the alarm, I’ve only missed 1 sick day for myself this entire year. I no longer feel foggy and confused. I’m not forgetful. I don’t have trouble finding words or remembering details. I no longer have IBS. I no longer have nightmares (I would have never even thought this was related but it was!). I mean, truly, everything listed above has improved or is gone entirely.

My story is not uncommon. There is a support group of over 103,000 women that share the same story as I – some worse, some not as bad. That group grows by hundred every single day. It’s heartbreaking to read what women go through. Especially reading those stories of those that have implants only because of having gone through cancer. To go through all of that and deal with more sickness, more risks, ruptures, etc… It’s just so upsetting. Our group averages 300-500 members having their implants removed every single month. The truth is coming to light and more and more women are deciding the risks are simply not worth it.

Breast implants, like so many other things nowadays, are toxic. No matter the kind, they all have a silicone shell and they all are comprised of dozens of chemicals and harmful ingredients. Much like tobacco, drugs, botox, food with tons of ingredients, medication, lotions, makeup, etc… they simply are not good for your body and at some point the body will respond. Genetic makeup does play a role and that is why some women are sicker than others or why some they feel they have no issues with theirs at all. But at some point, everyone is affected. Even if it’s just the monetary strain of having them as they are not lifetime devices and do have to be replaced every 7-10 years for life. It’s not worth it.

There is so much to know, to research and to learn. I want to help others that are going through what I did and educate those that need it. But this is long enough already… LOL! ;) – I feel so much joy and peace now. There is no doubt in my mind that my 375cc Mentor Smooth Memory Gel (Gummy Bear) implants were the root cause of 95% of the ailments and sickness I was dealing with before. And I have no regrets that they’re gone.

If you’re scared, or even hesitant, about removing your implants, I understand. I was too. But I finally reached a point where I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I was willing to try anything to feel better. Thankfully, I’ve made great strides in healing and getting my old self back. Each month brings new healing milestones. I look forward to living, God willing, a long and healthy life implant-free and never having to worry about them again. Don’t wait. Get them out! No type of implant is safe. They all cause side effects, illness and complications. They can all cause cancer. They can all rupture, leak, reverse leak, mold, calcify, etc… (you tell me a brand you think is safe and I’ll show you countless photos that prove otherwise). They are not worth it!

If you took the time to read this, thank you!! I know it’s a lot! ;) And I’m so very thankful to everyone that has been so encouraging and supportive this last year (even my friends with implants that never doubted what I was going through. I’m blessed to have such great people in my life.


If you’re interested in knowing more about Breast Implant Illness and related cancers, here are some helpful links or resources:

Website dedicated to education and resources:

Compilation video showing multiple brands and types of implants at the time they were removed:…

Video from a Canadian chemist contradicting the FDA's claim that breast implants are (or were since they're changing their tune a bit) safe:…

Video testimony of a top plastic surgeon to the FDA with regard to Breast Implant Illness:

Information on BIA-ALCL (cancer caused from having implants) to which the FDA states "Important to note, despite recall, FDA still clearly states all implants have a risk of this cancer, regardless of texture or fill, but textured have the highest associated risk based on current evidence.":

FDA’s list of things you should know before getting implants:

FDA’s list of risk and complications of breast implants: Here's a women-only support group of over 103,000 women affected by Breast Implant Illness in some way:

Local South Georgia/North Florida area BII community connections group:

News segment on recalled Allergan-made implants due to BIA-ALCL, which states, in part, “When women decide to get breast implants for reconstruction after mastectomy or for breast augmentation, they should not be putting their lives at risk for lymphoma, …. This recall will reduce that risk but it won’t eliminate it, because not all women with BIA-ALCL had these specific types of implants.":

My blog where I’ve previously shared about my journey:

Doctor’s segment where they state, in part, "If you have an auto immune disease you should stay away from all types of implants. Period.":

If ya need more, let me know – I have lots more I can share. ;)

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